Comparing two COPs of the same part

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  • Comparing two COPs of the same part


    We use our arm for measuring parts after test. Right now trying to see if we can compare a scan of a sample taken before test to a scan of the same sample taken after test. Our romer arm and sample fixture don't move so I don't think I need to worry about doing any sort of alignment... yet. Does anybody know if there is a way to do a colormap between two scans instead of between a CAD and a scan?

    I tried exporting one of the scans to an IGES and then importing the same IGES to try the scan but nothing showed up.

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    Did you try to scan the first as "master" ?
    Or mesh it ?
    (That's what I do with polyworks, don't know enough on PC-DMIS on this point...)


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      You'd need to mesh the master part and export it as STL, and then import that into your program with the scan of the second part and compare it using the Point or Surface colormap.


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        Hi @NAhmed,
        The instructions other members gave you are correct. I have a few slides which show the steps in case they may be helpful to you. Please let me know if you need any assistance.

        Kind Regards,
        Ute Burton
        PC-DMIS Pointcloud/Portable Product Owner

        part-to-part page 1.png
        part-to-part page 2.png


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          Thank you guys very much!! I got it figured out now!

          On a sideote, is there a way to export the colormap as results than can be viewed in another program? (Thinking maybe HyperView). I know how to make reports, but it would be a lot easier if I could just pass this off to my engineer


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            I have a case similar to this.

            We needed to scan a big component and for this, we needed to move the arm.

            We did two COPs and now we trying to do the alignment using the cad file like a reference.

            For aligning one COP with the CAD it's OK.

            But when we try to align the second COP the CAD changes the position.

            See in attached

            Attached Files


            • VinniUSMC
              VinniUSMC commented
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              You would need the option to transform the COPs independently. Or to mesh them together. I'm not sure if PC-DMIS can do that. I know PolyWorks can.

              @UteBurton would know.

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            It seems that you don't indicate that the arm changed and you recall A1 (alignment of the first cop).
            You should have an option to say that the arm moved, and I believe you shouldn't recall A1 (I'd never used arm... !)


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              There is a function in Pcdmis for moving the arm between cops so that they are all scanned to the same alignment. I think it is called LEAPFROG.
              Originally posted by AndersI
              I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


              • VinniUSMC
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                It's the same as for moving the part on the CMM. I'm not sure how well it works. I think it's just referred to as "leapfrog" but is the same as the instructions for moving/flipping a part on the CMM. The same thing is happening in both cases.

                That doesn't help after the 2 COPs are already scanned in the same program, I think it's too late for that?

              • Matthew D. Hoedeman
                Matthew D. Hoedeman commented
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                actually, it is not quite the same as the EQUATE alignment that you do on the CMM, it basically does the same thing, and it is actually called LEAPFROG.

                Yeah, it's a 'start-over now that you know' kind of thing. The learning curve as it were.
                Last edited by Matthew D. Hoedeman; 08-13-2020, 02:39 PM.

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              uburton It looks like I don't have the mesh option within PC-DMIS. Is there another way to do this? How would I go about upgrading my software to include mesh?


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                Contact your reseller to include the mesh option.

                Other than that - see my reply in your other thread.

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