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  • Calibration

    I have a romer arm and I had to install a new 3mm tip this morning and now every time I go into a new program I get an error of "Current Probe Not Calibrated" I have ran my calibration numerous times in the RDS toolbox, it does not seem to be talking to pcdmis as it shows the last calibration is unknown. Thanks for any help.

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    Did you changer the user profile to at least Advanced? The default password for that is "Advanced".
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      I did, my apologies for the delayed response I got with hexagon it turned out a probe file got corrupted so I recreated the files and then they were attached to an older (2017) version of PC-Dmis once the file paths were fixed we were all good. So for anyone else that may have this issue its most likely the file is corrupted and you need to make sure the file paths from RDS is going to the current version of PC-DMIS.
      Thank you for the response.
      Richard Beyer


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