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    Hi All,

    I just finished with the 101/102 training at Hexagon MI location and am fairly new to CMM work. I have the Absolute arm 8325-7 and am currently using PC DIMIS 2020R1. I free scanned my part(both A side and B side) because fixture is currently unavailable. I created a third cop after combing cop 1(a side) and cop 2(b side) then I aligned final cop to cad. Before aligning the two, I picked my points for measurement(auto feature) on surface profile along with the circles that needed measurements. When I align Cad(reference) to cop, parts align but auto features that were selected remain on the other side of the screen? how do I move the points to the now aligned cop to cad? when I double click on the points in the edit window it shows' up on the cad model? I am fairly new with this so please bare with me. Any help with me appreciated.

    Would one suggest I take the print dimensions on cad then align to part to cop then extract or align cad to cop then take points from part print then extract? the only reason I ask this is just incase I get my cad model ahead of time and I set up my program before receiving my plastic molded parts after and running the program. If the first question can be answered then I can then start using cad model to pick dimensions from print before parts are ready.


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    This is the workflow that I could suggest you for the job that you had mentioned.
    • scan side A. Be it COP1.
    • scan side B. Be it COP2.
    • Join side A and side B. make it as COP3.
    • Now, do CAD to COP alignment.
    • By this step, the CAD model and the COP should be super imposed.
    • Now you do the auto features.

    When picked up the features on the CAD model, I believe it is in the MCS (machine cooordinate system). Now, that you made COP to CAD alignment., the features are still in the MCS. Try this workflow once and it should give you results.

    Keep us posted., we will try to help you.

    Krishna Chaitanya Velisetty
    Metrology Software Applications Specialist,
    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.


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      Thank you.


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