RDS and PC-DMIS want see probes

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  • RDS and PC-DMIS want see probes

    I just switched to windows 10 and I am running pc-dmis 2017R2, now after software was installed it want see the probes. does anyone know why??? thanks for your help in advance.

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    If it's a new install of RDS, won't you need to create and calibrate new probes? I don't know if you can pull old probes into RDS.
    PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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      No Schrocknroll
      Probes on Romer arms are Automatically detected..Each probe has a module that stores the calibration from Hexagon..The problem is that when you re install you must re do the connection method RDS is using to communicate to pcdmis...So you must open RDS and go to the connection page and from there determine how it was connected before either wireless or a wired connection.
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        Thanks for the clarification.

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