Hexagon SF 4.5.4 Probe Head issues

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  • Hexagon SF 4.5.4 Probe Head issues

    The original head (HH-MI-M) that came with the unit will not support the length and weight of probe architecture that I need to use. I ordered a HH-MI head. The HH-MI head came with a 5 pin to 5 pin cable. There was already a 5 pin hanging out of the column so I just hooked it up and went on my way. Well, the new head is acting like a goofball. Pcdmis 2019 R1 btw. I keep getting probe deflections on move points. I turned up the touch trigger force (on the back of the head) to maximum. This helped while manually moving the head. However, when calibrating and running pgms it will error out during moves all of the time. I took the head off and took apart the column that holds the head. To my surprise the other end of the 5 pin goes into a serial port. Here is the main question: Can I simply swap out a HH-MI-M head to a HH-MI head and keep the same cable or is this causing the problems? Do I need an adapter? If this isn't it, then I have no idea what is going on! Please help! FYI- My probe weight is 11.5g and length is 85mm. HH-MI head can support up to 100mm extensions.

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    If you think you're within specs on weight and length...

    Have you done a lower matrix calibration? Wait what probe body do you have?
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      Wow! People still use manually index-able heads?

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      When u have management (non CMM people) slicing and dicing quotes, you get a manual head because it’s cheaper. I talked them into an indexing head on our 3rd purchase and it’s amazing. It’s like the Iron Man extending his flaps before he takes flight.

    • Kp61dude!
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      I'd rather go for a fixed head than a manually index-able one but then again you need them to slice POs for probes, pucks, and rack. Scared money make no money!

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    Maybe lower the acceleration (F10, tab Acceleration)?
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      why is this post in the Portable Cmm.This is for Romer arms and such..The SF is a cmm this post should be in the pc-dmis for cmms
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        is you SF still under warranty? have a tech install it, teach you how to replace it back and fourth and share it on this forum. I went from a Tesastar indexing head to a Hexagon indexing head on a 454 SF and the tech had to get an adapter plate that he didn't know he needed. I think the cable was the same.

        I have 2 454 SFs with HH-MI-M heads. My build on both CMMs is the HH-MI- M head, with a 50mm extension, TestastarMP_Body_US, Tesastar_MP_module_EF_US, exten 10mm, 5 way, tip1 5x20m, tip2-5 2x20. Calibrates fine. No other probes or angles are used on these CMMs.

        What are you trying to build?
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          Sorry that I posted in the section. I figured that since the SF 4.5.4 was a MOBILE cmm that it would acceptable here. Guess I was wrong....Anyways, I have been testing for the last 4 hours. I built the same probe configuration but with a 20mm extension instead of my normal 50. And it works. I guess the weight and the length combined are overflowing the weight and causing inaccurate probe deflections while moving through space. Looking at the specs for the HH-MI head I figured it would be sturdier than this.....


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            Lowering the acceleration might still help, but have to verify the accuracy...

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          Skullbuster , after an annual calibration, I ran a part while the tech was still here and I kept having defection problems when I would move fast around the part. He had to log into the controller or something AND I slowed down the speed a little to fix the problem. Try reducing your speed little by little so you can still move as fast as you can.

          I think its common for people to swap heads, you just have to make sure its square to the CMM and calibrate your probes. I also think most people here tend to calibrate and use probes/angles that exceed the recommended lengths. As long as you have repeatable and reliable results.
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