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    I just have a GD&T question and was hoping you may be able to help. The drawing of a shaft (attached) calls out "1.50 Max Runout." The 1.5 appears to be the measurement from the end of the shaft (1.5 inches). So what is Max Runout? I know what runout is, but is there a standard for Max Runout? Thanks.
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    Does your drawing call out a specific engineering interpretation (Y14.5M or ISO or something along those lines)?


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      I believe it is just saying the point where the radius of the slot runs out to the O.D. is to be 1.5 max. Basically a sharp corner dimension.
      PC-DMIS 2016.0 SP8



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        I am thinking that this is trying to control the break out end of the tool path, you have a 1.00 min flat , then a Rad for teeth shown
        The 1.5 Max runout seems to be controlling the distance of breakout edge of all "teeth" (sharp corner as Shrock stated) to be with in 1.5 of each other


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