Missing CAD/Part Setup Tab in F5 Setup menu

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  • Missing CAD/Part Setup Tab in F5 Setup menu

    I'm trying to learn to align to CAD models with a Romer Arm, and one of the threads suggests using the CAD tab in the F5 menu. My Romer Arm doesn't have that tab, but our other DCC machines do. Is this a setting in the settings editor or something?

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    As far as I know, it will only be there if you have CAD capabilities (a separate purchase)

    In your PC-DMIS install directory (You can right click the PC-DMIS icon and click Open File Location), find CustProg.exe and run it.
    In there you should find the list of installed modules. If you don't see CAD or CAD++ or something like that, I don't think you can.

    Hmmm... Though I suppose you wouldn't even be able to import it from within the Romer interface if you don't have that option...


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      That dialog is only there when you have a machine with 'real' machine coordinates. The measuring arm doesn't have a table with a fixed relation to the XYZ sensors, so there's nothing to relate to.

      Personally, I think it would have been good to be able to tell PC-DMIS at least which CAD axis is 'up', as that direction is relatively certain, even for an arm...
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        That makes sense, but also doesn't make sense. The Romer does have a machine coordinate, it's just related to the orientation of the arm, rather than the space it sits on.

      • AndersI
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        Yes, that's why I don't think it was a good decision of PC-DMIS to remove that dialog from portable equipment.

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      Thanks guys. I have several CAD files in the PC-DMIS directory, and can import. I just don't have that Part/Setup tab. My Romer does have fixed X,Y,Z coordinates, as in they always run the same direction on startup. I usually ignore that and align how I want, though. lol. Maybe my machine just can't have that tab...


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        I believe that the difference is my PC-DMIS that I have. I believe that there is a PC-DMIS DCC and a PC-DMIS Manual for portable and manual machines. I don't know if it would be possible to use the DCC on a portable or if that option could be added to the manual machine version. Hmm... I would like to have the Tab and ability to manipulate the CAD model without having to manipulate my origin and rotate my alignment to use the CAD=Part. At least I figured out how to do what I want.


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