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    I have a simple part to measure that requires taking many multiple points in Polar coordinates. There are over thirty sections and I check each section with 3 points and must find the highest of the three points in that section. I was wondering if there is an easy way to calculate which one of the three points are the highest and have that point sent to the report? My company has PC-DMIS Cad++ Version R1 (Service Pack 5) if that helps.

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    There are many posts on this forum regarding extracting the high point from a number of points.
    Use the search function, and set it to Most Relevant

    Using the search function one (1) time, this post came up first (1st).
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      I find it easier to toss up a simple question and let those who have tremendous amount of time search for the answer for me. Thank you


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        Don't fret; I do the same

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      I am very new to the PC-DMIS world and was wondering where do I find information on how to create variables and integers? I did the search but only found stuff specific to topic. I was wondering if there is a Manual for how to do this type of advanced programing.


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        F1 is pc-dmis help file. Hover over a topic that you are interested in and hit F1.


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          There is a lot of useful information on here; don't get me wrong.
          The problem is, you're not going to be able to get a quick script that does exactly what you want -- typically.

          There's a lot of work that really comes down to you.
          You need a firm understanding of assignments, how they're created and how they're used, etc. before you'll even begin to be able to grasp the concepts.

          Otherwise, you'll end up writing code willy-nilly, hoping you eventually tell the machine something it understands, and kinda-sorta works the way you want so it's good enough.

          For advanced programming techniques, there is a lot of talk about classes straight from Hexagon.

          I use assignments daily, for a plethora of reasons in a cacophony of programs. I'm by no means an expert, but it takes a lot of "figuring stuff out" to really understand what's going on. It's easy to hit CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and get frustrated because it doesn't work.

          F1 (the Help section) and search for assignments, and it'll tell you their construction, and a bunch of ways to use them.
          Peruse the forum to gain an understand of how other users apply assignments to their programs, and see what you can learn from them.
          Experiment with different creations of variables and see what you can come up with; math formulae are especially handy.

          If you want to truly use assignments effectively, a good understanding of math helps too.
          My personal favorite method of learning variables is to use other code.
          For example, PC-DMIS and VB have an interesting relationship.
          Maybe check out how to program in VBS or something; get used to the syntax and how you can use variables their and it'll help you use assignments and whatnot here


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            Unfortunately for many users on this forum, my machine has been down for a week or so and i've had plenty of time to be stagnant -_-

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          Thank you Inspector Jester, I will defiantly research assignments. I doubt my company would spring for advanced training, so from time to time I will have a few off the wall programing questions in this Forum.


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            Trust me, I feel your pain

            I use assignments daily. I recommend using them for simple things, like generating a filename, or for a number you use often (e.g. I have an ASSIGN/ZERO=0, which I use in place of the number 0 sometimes) in order to get an idea of how they work. They're just variables, they just happen to call them assignments here

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          If you want to learn a little more on assignments, dowload this :
          and then print and read this chapter :

          And have fun !


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            Link doesn't seem to be working.

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          Hi Vinni, for me the link works, it download the file :

          You can also find the link here :
          And then download in Chineese, Japaneese... or French
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            Hmm, they all "Connection Time Out" for me.