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  • Alignment on pipes


    I time to time measure pipes with a portable arm. So far it has been pretty easy to do it but now i'm facing som pipes with many angles and different views for evaluation.

    I usually use program mode but have also started using auto element. The problem is the alignment. I have tried several ways to do it but it just goes crazy. Even if i get origo for XYZ the way i want it the rest of the elements seem to be projected crooked and way of the CAD model.

    Has anyone experience with measuring pipes? I could really use some good advice here.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    There's actually a special tool and module for measuring tubes.
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      Yes i know, but we are far from buying one of those. So i will continue using the probe.


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        So some advice on alignment on bent pipes with a probe is what im after. How do you do it?


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          Most of my tube inspections were with 1:1 mylar. Have you done a forum search? I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of topics on inspecting tubes already.

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        One method is measuring all the straight cylinder parts, create the intersection points and bestfit align on them.
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          Make sure the nominals are correct and that the direction of the axises matches the direction of the CAD-model axises (positive/negative).
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