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  • Need Romer application info

    This may be the wrong area to post this, if so, please move.

    A friend has a one-man EDM shop and is looking for a measuring system that will allow him to measure without removing from the EDM machine and achieve a printout of verified dimensions. He is contemplating using the Romer or Faro arm but is unsure if either will be able to perform with his required dimensions/tolerances. At times he may be measuring something like a slot .015 wide with a +.001/-.000 tolerance and I didn't feel that a touchprobe could accurately perform such a miscule measurement.

    What would your recommendations for arm, probe and software be?
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    A touchprobe could hold this tolerance on a stationary CMM, but not with a portable arm. We are getting ready to buy 2 Romer arms, but our tolerances on the parts we will be checking is nothing like yours! Sounds to me like he is gonna have to take it out, or make some kind of tooling.
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