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    Can anybody compare the Faro and Romer scanning arms?

    Please and Thank you!


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      Hi Paul,
      The ROMER Absolute SI is better for many reasons.
      1. 50,000 pts/sec even with wifi. The Edge takes fewer, especially in wifi.
      2. Factory laser system certification. The Edge does not.
      3. Longer standoff (150 mm) for scanning into cavities. Edge 80 mm

      I don't know if you attended IMTS this year but there was a side by side comparison in the Hexagon booth. Everyone I spoke with preferred the ROMER.



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        I just submitted a P.O. to purchase a romer arm, looking forward to the delivery in a few weeks. During my investigation most things pointed to Romer, if you would like to contact me directly and i can give you my insight. Our sister company just purchased a FARO arm; it will be interesting to see which one performs better in our environment, cost, downtime, ect... We will be basing the purchase of our next set of arms off of the results.


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