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  • Using hit points

    I would like to extract the hit points from a feature, like say a plane with 4 points. And use these 4 points for other feature construction. Is this possible?

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    Either by extracting the hits and create vector points out of them (see the code section for the "to points" script by me) or by directly referencing the hits in the feature you construct, ie. PLANE1.HIT[1] for the first hit from the feature called PLANE1. There are more threads dealing with this in the PC-DMIS for CMMs section.
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      That helps me a lot. Thank you very much.


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        This is a good place to point out the value of using individual points and then constructing features from those points.
        I do this with most of the features I use (a notable exception is auto-circles).
        I just point and click auto-vector points and then those can be used to construct almost anything.
        Lately, it occurs to me
        What a long, strange trip it's been.

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