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  • Adding a new tip Romer/pc-dmis

    Has anyone added a different size tip using PC-dmis and the romer hard probes. Since I am using an existing romer hard probe body, I turned off the auto probe detection box. I then copied a probe file in both the cimcore\winrds\calibrate\probe.dat , armdata and armdata.s6x folders. I also added the new probe file to the PC-Dmisw\ romer 5028- 168 files. I then calibrated the new tip in the cimcore Arm utilities. Now I amtrying to figure how to get the new probe in pc-dmis at the load probe file command in dmis. This is usually done by selecting (building a tip) from the dropdown selections. IE (PH-10, or tp-2,ect) With the roamer, these files are not there? I,m searching in the probe.dat files for the ones that I have, to copy and edit them!!!

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    Here is text, cut directly from PCDMIS' interfacing manual...

    "Custom Probes
    Romer’s power probe, Renishaw touch-trigger probes, and custom probes (usually probes with internal IDs 4 to 6) are supported through specific probe files that the user must create.

    For power probe, the file name should be ROMER_POWERPROBE.
    For Renishaw touch-trigger probe, the file name should be ROMER_RENISHAW.
    For other custom probes, the file names should be ROMER_PROBE4, ROMER_PROBE5, or ROMER_PROBE6.

    Since WinRDS compensates for probe lengths, only the diameter of the probe is needed for correct measurement in PC-DMIS. The length of the probe is used mainly for display purposes."

    Hope this helps.



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