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  • Program new tips?

    We're running a Romer Absolute arm 7535, and are currently shopping some new tips. My question is whether or not there is a simple way to change the tips of the male probes from say a point probe to a 6mm ball probe, and I guess reprogram it to know what it's been change to.
    My thought is that maybe I can get away with buying one 4" length male point probe, and later swap the tip to a ball probe if needed.
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    No, it's not simple.

    Each probe has an identifying resistor in its body, so the Arm recognizes it when it's plugged in, and pulls the correct probe file. You'd probably have to:

    Physically alter probe
    Edit the existing probes within RDS Control Panel
    Requalify altered probe
    Doublecheck that it works in PCDMIS (shoot an artifact a few times, note results)

    Sounds like a major pain instead of just investing in a new probe....

    Ex Hex


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      Thanks for the help. I don't know that I'll ever actually need to, but at 600+ bucks per probe I just wanted to know if I had the ability. It does look like re-calibrating/labeling would need to be done but it's possible if I have to before talking to "the man" into a new probe. Certainly would be a long way around though
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        I've done it 4 or 5 times. Takes about 20 mins assuming nothing goes wrong.
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