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  • CAD cannot be created

    I'm using pcdmis 4.1. whenever i change the file extension in catia to .iges, or .stp, then import the model in pcdmis. I never get what I want.
    For instance, when I import .iges, I get a message, translation failed. Then another screen pops up, CAD cannot be created. When I import the Hexagon block from the WAI folder, no problem. Does anyone know how I can fix this? When I import a step model, it looks as though everything gets translated correctly, but there is NO model in the graphics display screen. CAn anyone help me fix that problem?

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    You can't change the extension.

    A catia file is a catia file, an iges file is an iges file, a step file is a step file, they are not the same, you can't just rename a catia file to iges and get anything, it is still a catia file.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      When you are saying that you are changing it you just mean that you are resaving it right? If you are having translation issues you can always get the Catia translator addon or get a software like Rhino3d ($1000 for a seat) and that should solve some of those problems.
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        Whatchu talking 'bout, Willis. In Catia, I save-as, instead of saving-as a catpart extension, I change it to an iges or step. Is that the wrong way to go about things? We've always done the conversion like that. Do you know of another way?


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          I've never had any problem with the translator. The translator works great for the files in the WAI folder, such as, wireframe- hexblock, so on and so on. However, just recently I am not able to import any IGES files, from Catia. And when I import a STEP file, there is nothing in the graphics display screen. We used to be able to import step or iges with no problem, until recently. The CMM supervisor, here, doesn't know what to make of it. Getting another add-on, is not an option. Like I said, I can import some iges, from WAI. Not any IGES from Catia.


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            Did anyone go and mess with any of the settings? And just to get this right you have been able to in the past accept iges files from catia into pcdmis? I have only had issues a couple times with importing models. I would try downloading the trial version of Rhino3d and import your file into there and export it out. From there you can try to import it into pcdmis. I know it is a little lengthy but this will help to see if it is all outside sources of iges/step or just a couple. Hopefully this works.
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              Thank You. I'll give it a try. Noone messed with the setting. There were a few files that I couldn't import, at first. Didn't pay any attention to it. But I imported the big projects, so that was all I was concerned about. Now, not one file. Rhino3D. Got it.


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