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  • Pc-Dmis for Faro

    How much differance is there in pc-dmis for a manual cmm and a faro arm
    can some one who knows the software pick it up and run with it or are
    there some trick that you need to know about

    would the tranning that they provide help or is it better to wing it

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    Are you asking the difference between CAM2 and PCDMIS?
    "A good design is the one that allows engineers the ability to change gracefully what they forgot to do right the first time!!!"


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      Most of the basic concepts are the same, you should have a problem using it on either or both machines.There are some tricks and things to watch for when using Faro such when doing Vector points you have to be careful of the retracted back point.

      We have a Faro, a manual machine, and a dcc machine.I have no problems using PC-dmis on all three of these machines



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        That is what i wanted to here we just put PC-dmis on our Faro Arm
        and I hope it is farliy easy to pick up and use
        I have pleanty of experiance with PC-Dmis both Manual and DCC
        over 15 years just on PC-Dmis ( Since the first release of Dos )


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