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    I need to calibrate our Romer and after reading ASME B89.4.22 I think it would be more cost effective (and a lot easier on me) to outsource. I wanted to know who some of you are using for calibration of your portable CMM. I would prefer someone to do the calibration in house but I cant find anyone in the Pittsburgh area that calibrates these. Please let me know. Also I cant seem to find a link from Romers website for there calibration services so i need some contact info if you have it.

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    I always send my arm back to Romer. Be prepared to be without the arm for about 2 weeks.

    Romer Arm calibration and Repair 1-800-218-7125 [email protected]


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      We also have sent ours back to Romer. We have tried to use other companies other than the OEM to do calibrations on other equipment and it ended up costing us more by the time they were done. You can see their services here.
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        Ok thanks for the info. I was hoping to find someone to calibrate it in house but it seems thats not going to happen.


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