Can you use PCDMIS 2010 with a Faro Arm?

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  • Can you use PCDMIS 2010 with a Faro Arm?

    If so, how do you set it up. I have installed PCDMIS, but it is asking me for the Downl.oad file, which I do not have for the Faro Arm. Do you have to buy a seperate module to use it with a Faro Arm?

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    Faro has their own software. Unless you've bought a license, portlock, and possibly a controller upgrade for the Faro Arm, I doubt it.
    When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.


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      Unless things changed with version 2010 a Faro arm does not use a downl.oad file. Are you sure your port lock is configured for a Faro arm not a B & S machine?


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        I have a FARO Platinum ARM, I haven't had any problems. When I installed the software, I had to download the FARO ARM drivers from the Hexagon FTP site.
        if ur should work.


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          faro arm

          Actually I'm using one faro arm Platinum with PCDMIS 2010 and one laptop dell.
          But do you need the portlock or usb lock with this configuration directly from Hexagon.
          I have problems with the updates and now I want run this faro but one pc windows 7 and don't works .
          Too with the PCDMIS do you can't use the TP20.


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