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    I have a part with two "V" shaped contours 180° apart from each other, (Looking from Z+ (XY workplane) I need to create two theoretical .066 Ø circles that fit inside (contact) each of the angled sides of the "V" shapes. The print ask for the max width (OD to OD) of the theoretical circles. Using camera on an Optiv 443. I can't figure out how to create these two theoretical circles.
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    In the Construct Circle dialog you can choose the method "Tangent 2 lines" and enter the theoretical diameter of the circle. Of course, this assumes you have the two lines (sides of the V) measured/constructed first.
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      I attached a screen shot. I initially did what you suggested, but my constructed circles will not stay.
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      • AndersI
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        picture too small, can't see

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      When I initially construct the circles they appear correctly graphically. When I run the program
      they move. The attached screen shot shows what I'm doing in the construction. You can see
      the 4 angled lines (where the circles should be)relative to where the circles end up (the wrong spot)
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        Probably not the cause but lose anything but letters numbers and underscores from your feature and dimension (and anything else) names. And yes, this includes the decimal point!
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          Why?Will this cause some sort of problem?


          • acgarcia
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            Yes, pcdmis will try to add or subtract or multiply or divide things when it shouldn't. Its like a big calculator or spreadsheet

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          Got it, thanks!


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