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  • Updating tool offsets

    Hello All,

    New to PCDMIS NC here. Want to know what the best practice is for updating tool diameter and length wear, to compensate for a feature that is out of lower tolerance band.

    We have some tight tolerances on a high production part that we want to sneak up on...

    How do you all typically integrate this into your program to rerun the tool w/ adjusted wear comp?

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    subscribed, being talking about getting NC for quite some time.


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      jfredrickson, there are some different practices involved here, and it is not really generalizable.

      I read high-production part, so you have high thruput? How fast is the tooling wearing? Do you need to check the tooling after every part? Just before a specific feature is cut? Does the tool wear significantly between start and finish of a single part?

      Is the feature you want to measure to determin the adjustment sufficiently clean to ensure high accuracy measurement?

      NC will allow you to measure a single feature and then update based on that result. This is practical and easy to understand what's going on, but it is not the best solution for all scenarios.
      You may want to measure more than one feature that the tool is cutting and balance based on that. You may want to measure several parts first and adjust based on statistics tracking the measurement(s).

      Then there is the question of when to perform the update, do you want to always do it, or only if a certain tolerance has been reached....

      Should this be fully automatic or should someone OK the update first? And what if the calculation pushes the compensation value of the tool outside the limit of what makes sense for that tool (compensates past the cutter surface)

      NC will do the basic update. Hexagon now has a softwarevalled IMC based on Q-DAS that does more intelligent updates. The two can be linked together so NC collects the date and IMC determines when to update. (But akaik IMS is only for Fanuc at the moment.)


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