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  • kingsld1
    Look on youtube for CMMXYZ. They have a ton of short video's that are very helpful. There is an older one there that is about an hour long that is very good as well. Gettting to be a little outdated but still useful. It is CMM specific not CNC.

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  • MetalSlinger5
    started a topic Newbie here

    Newbie here

    Hey all, long time CNC programmer here, first time PC-DMIS NC user. I am looking to get my feet wet using this software to create on the machine inspection programs for the shop. Managers will be sending me to some training for this software, but in the meantime, I would like to get a head start on getting used to the interface, etc. Where would you point a green operator to learn the basics of importing models, orientating them correctly, and basic programming. Any help would be appreciated.

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