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  • CMS CNC Machine with pcdmis

    I have been using pcdmis on a Romer Arm for years but just got a job at a shop that has it on a CNC machine. Since I’ve only used it with a Romer Arm, I’ve never had to program move commands or alignment in relation to a machine. No one that I work with can tell me where or how to program alignment to the machine or the probe movement commands. Anything would help.

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    Are you referring to the CNC machine as a CNC CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)?


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      I was under the impression it was one of those CNC machines that can take points as it drills holes or whatever and make offsets in real time.

      Good question; which is it? :P


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        Well this is the NC forum. from what I understand, its just like programming a CMM. Create a program and it turns it into g-code for the cnc machine to understand. We almost got if for a few CNC mill turn centers but we didn't go through with it.


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          Do you have NC server, or NC Interactive? There's quite a difference.

          We use NC (not interactive) on a handful of parts.

          Either way, there's a seat of pc-dmis somewhere at your place that you'd use to program moves and alignment commands.


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            I'm using a CMS Ares CNC machine. I got the alignment figured out by putting a G-code in at the beginning of my program and the probe moves were actually really easy. Now for a more complex issue...every circle and cylinder diameter reads .003 to .006 too LARGE. I've checked them with pin gages over and over and the reports I get are always out. I have calibrated the probe a million times, I have calibrated it using different angles, etc. When I check a sphere, it is within .0002" every time. I have checked the machine head for errors too and it's consistent. What could be happening with my circles and cylinders? Also, certain distance dimensions have been out .003-.006 as well. When the diameters read large, they are always consistent. It isn't like one hole reads .003 and another reads .006. They will all be out the same amount.


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