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  • CMS CNC Machine with pcdmis

    I have been using pcdmis on a Romer Arm for years but just got a job at a shop that has it on a CNC machine. Since I’ve only used it with a Romer Arm, I’ve never had to program move commands or alignment in relation to a machine. No one that I work with can tell me where or how to program alignment to the machine or the probe movement commands. Anything would help.

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    Are you referring to the CNC machine as a CNC CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)?


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      I was under the impression it was one of those CNC machines that can take points as it drills holes or whatever and make offsets in real time.

      Good question; which is it? :P


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        Well this is the NC forum. from what I understand, its just like programming a CMM. Create a program and it turns it into g-code for the cnc machine to understand. We almost got if for a few CNC mill turn centers but we didn't go through with it.


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          Do you have NC server, or NC Interactive? There's quite a difference.

          We use NC (not interactive) on a handful of parts.

          Either way, there's a seat of pc-dmis somewhere at your place that you'd use to program moves and alignment commands.