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    I have been asked to compare NC-Dmis and Inspection plus software. My company would like to measure the parts in the fixture. Of the two which is the better software?

    From what I have read it looks like NC-dmis might be better for that application but would like some more info. We will be using it on a mazak is all I know.


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    PC-Dmis NC and inspection plus are two completely different types of software. If you have Renishaw probing(99% of mazak machine are supplied from the factory with rensiahw) on your Mazak machine, they are probably using inspection plus macros in the back ground. Inspection plus is an out of the box software provided by Renishaw that gives the user capabilities to do very simple probing tasks or you can get as in depth as you would like, however all the results will be back to your work offsets on your current NC program.

    If you are wanting comparable software to PC-DMIS NC, you need to be looking at CAPPS NC. This is a apples for apples comparison. This turns your CNC machine into a CMM, however you are only as accurate as your machine is. It is strongly advised you get correlation from your cmm to cnc machine to make sure you are getting good data form your machine when running this type of software. Good Luck!


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