Best Fit calculation error?

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  • Best Fit calculation error?

    Probing on Haas VF-6 machine with 5th axis trunion, program seems to post and run fine. Problem is when PC-Dmis tries to analyze and print report, I receive a "best fit calculation" error and the report has zero deviation at all? is this a post setup issue? a program issue? both? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Can you post the code? I believe its a program issue and may just need to change from YPLUS to XPLUS for that feature.


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      I don't know about NC, but this seems to happen randomly in CMM programs. If it happens repeatedly on the same feature, then I've found that increasing the number of hits usually takes care of it.

      Error in best fit calculation


      • Sonyali6
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        I am getting "Error in best fit calculation" while doing probe calibration. My license have been expired and yearly calibration is due. I wonder one of these issues are causing this problem.

      • Numbers Game
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        I've never experienced that. Try increasing the number of levels and/ or hits.