Pcdmis NC & 4rth Axis

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  • Pcdmis NC & 4rth Axis

    I need to know how to create a program using a 4rth axis in PCDMIS NC?
    Thanks in advanced.

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    Sorry, can't help.

    I found a work around though. I added features to the fixturing that allow me to re-zero, after I rotate. These are calibrated features to the centerline of the rotary. So after measuring the calibrated features (a flat and a bushing), I run a part program for that side of the part. I typically have 4 to 8 programs, depending on the complexity of the part.

    If you figure it out, let me know. I may have some time soon to experiment. I will soon get a few parts for which I can not do my tried and true trick.

    PC-DMIS/NC 2010MR3; 15 December 2010; running on 18 machine tools.
    Romer Infinite; PC-DMIS 2010 MR3; 15 December 2010.


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      It depends what type of axis you are referring to. If it is a rotary table, you need to have this option on your portlock. If it is a swivel head for example you need to change the configuration of pc-dmis NC to allow the programming of these angles. What type of machine / interface do you have? - Jon


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