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  • Anybody use this??

    Just wondering if anyone used PC-DMIS for Gears.

    I would like to know if it's worth looking into.


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    I never have. But I bet it is pretty cool!


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      PCDMISGear has been around in its current form for over a year.
      It is a pretty good package. This is a brief summary on it if it helps:

      It is a standalone application that interacts with PCDMIS via Automation (think of it like when you can write a VB application to open and work with MS Excel).

      Its interface that allows users to input gear information for External/Internal Spur and External Helical gears (emphasys on the word Gear. Not everything that has teeth is a Gear). The same interface has areas for tolerances, etc.
      Based on the inputs (including specification of a PCDMIS probe file), the module can create an alignment and a measurement set of PCDMIS programs to inspect the gear.
      The cool thing is that because the program that measures the gear is a PCDMIS program, the user can make changes to them (after the fact) to incorporate other checks on the part that are non gear related.
      It can be used with start, motorized wrist, trigger (TP20, TP200) or analog (SP600 like) probes.
      The analysis was developed by the same developers that write Quindos' Gear analysis module. As a matter of fact, you can consider that part to be 100% Quindos and not PCDMIS. To you as an user that makes no difference. Analysis and measurement are pretty seamless.

      My advise if you are looking at this package is not whether "it" can inspect your gears. That job still remains the job of your CMM. Therefore, if your CMM is not capable of achieving acceptable/repeatable measurements based on the tolerances, then do not look at the program as a solution. It will not make the CMM more accurate than it is.
      Also, this program is for DCC/CNC CMMs only, and requires PCDMIS CAD 3.5 or higher, and you must have the Scanning module, or have PCDMIS CAD++

      Hope this helps,


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        Thanks for the info..

        We currently have Quindos with the gear module but I have no formal training with Quindos and I was hoping the PC-DMIS module would be a tad easier to use. Sounds like that might not be the case.

        Thanks again.


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          Originally posted by John Kugler
          We currently have Quindos with the gear module but I have no formal training with Quindos and I was hoping the PC-DMIS module would be a tad easier to use. Sounds like that might not be the case.

          Thanks again.

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            Still looking for some info on this, no matter how small.



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              There are not a lot of gear people out there, and most are using Quindos.

              If your gears are internal/external helical or spur, then I know you are ok. If you have others, they may or may not have support in PC-DMIS yet.

              The PC-DMIS package is definately easier, but of course it's not as powerful as Quindos. Yet it might do what you need, can you tell us what types of gears, and what dimensions you need?

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                Mine are helical gears,and I want to know the Dia.Pitch,pressure angle,helix angle,how can I get these just by PC-dmis 3.7,without additional package?
                Here,a Chinese guy want to improve his PC-DMIS,English ability also.


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                  Quindos can!

                  to evaluate a gear you need to information such as Diametral Pitch/Normal Module, Pressure angle, helix angle,... PC-DMIS can not measure a gear without this information, and you need the gear package in PC-DMIS

                  However, within QUINDOS, there is a package/module called Unknown Gear. With this package, you can take a few probings on a gear, without know such information (a logical guess for some of the infor must be made to help the fitting) Quindos will then give you the information such as helix angle, pressure angle or module,... which you can then use for nominal information to re-measure the gear in the Quindos gear package

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                    Anybody got a price for this gear module?
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                      Hi, Can I get any information out of scanning splines or gears with PC-DMIS. I have a part that has splines on it and I need to check it for a profile. I have wrote a program to the cad,but what do I create the scan to? A circle, then call up a profile check?

                      Thanks for any Help.


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                        do I have him/it pc-dmis gear and don't I know how to use very well, do you have some manual of instructions on which I can base?
                        thank you


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                          excuse me, but my English is not very good, I am from Brazil and it would like a help, thank you very much


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                            Dear Carlos,

                            The Gear Manual is in English and you can download it from:

                            The Hexagon Brazil has a trainning about it, please contact Mrs. Ana Paula:
                            11 5525-6015 [email protected]

                            She will provide you the informations about the trainnings.



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                              thanks rsrohdt...I will write an e-mail for her


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