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  • Gear won't start

    Hello There,

    We recently changed to a new workstation.

    installed LMS
    installed PCDMIS 2020R2 and 2021.2
    installed Gear

    updated licences (including the Gear licence)

    PCDMIS Licence.png

    Pcdmis works perfect.
    but if I startup the Gear program then I get this ERROR

    PCDMIS Gear Error.png

    On the old workstation did this work perfectly.

    I already send an email to requested help,
    but no anser yet.
    This is already more than a week ago.
    Yesterday sending the same email again ... still nothing

    Thanks in advance if someone knows the solution.

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    Call them. Could be a computer screwup on their end. They'll ignore you as long as you let them

    Be stern & polite..they'll get you up and going


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      Thanks Dan,

      I was busy doing this
      And i am always polite.
      hopefully tommorow anser.

      Gr. Franky


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        That is very useful information for me.


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