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    I have a part that i have PC_DMIS conduct an Alignment then go into PC_DMIS GEAR, when i create the program i enter all the data from the drawing including the HELICAL angle the program starts off and touches each side of one tooth to "locate" then it takes various hits along each flank. when it drops down it does not follow the angle of the helical and looses the tooth and errors out. how do i get the program to follow that angle?

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    I haven't ever used gear, but in pcdmis you would set the pitch in the auto cylinder to make it follow a thread. Does gear have a pitch option?
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      i follow the print it gives me pressure angle and helix angle i have put all that information in correctly. the issue is it seams to take the hits at the top to locate the specific tooth at the 3 o'clock position then when it drops down in "Z" it seams to follow the helical curve but instead of hitting the left of that flank like it appears to want to do it travels past the face of the gear and errors out because it did not find anything.


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        is there a gear alignment template for helical gears? or a code that i can put into the alignment program?


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          The only gain I know from going to the helical cut is a reduction in noise. For those that have driven a manual trans vehicle, most will notice a whine or high pitch sound that comes from the trans when going in reverse. Some people who drive 4x4's and put them in 4Low will also here this sound. This sound is the straight cut gears inside of the transmission or differential housing.


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            i think helical gears are stronger than straight cut due to the actual surface engagement of the two gears also.
            maybe im wrong?

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