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    Any1 knows a good and affordable cal. service located near Houston TX.
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    None of 'em are affordable. We use C-Con, Inc. out of Dallas.


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      lol do you know how much?


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        No. Management pays the bills. We just break stuff.


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          Some equipment you can do in your facility, and some you must send out. You may need to purchase some new equipment and use them as masters, train someone, and have some documentation. Depends on what you manufacture also, is it for NASA or for a farm machine. Some customers may demand a high end calibration, but if you are a smaller shop with a smaller budget you might be able to do some inhouse. I used to do some vendor certification and always checked on their calibration, saw just about everything, once I saw that they did their gage blocks inhouse, I said O YAH how do you do those, the guy said I check them with a regular mike. WOOOO thats not the way to do them. Training, that magic word again. We do thousands of gages here. I have been to a couple of calibration houses and I was not impressed at all, if you think these calibration houses are Gods, they are not.
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            No we don't want to do it in house, we want some one come in and do it right. I found this one place CMM technology the said would do it for a $1000 here is what they said would do

            1.Inspect and adjust beam/plate parallelism
            2. Inspect and agjust perpendicularity/squareness
            3. Check repeatability in X, Y, Z axis
            4. Perform full volumetric performance test
            5. Inspect linear displacement accuracy in X, Y, Z
            6. Perform probe repeatability evaliation
            7. Test X, Y, Z fine adjust mechanisms
            8. Check and adjust all reader heads
            9. Inspect and clean X, Y, Z axis scales/bearing ways

            Is that good, do I need anything else?


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              That is who I use. Never had an issue with what they did for me. They were doing LINEAR when B&S was only doing ball-bar.
              Originally posted by AndersI
              I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                So, I will go with them than, thanks. I called hexagon they want 4g+


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