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    When I got back from my leave, one of my computers seems to NEVER remember the order in my folders. What I mean is that whenever I go to open a program in Dmis, I have to right click then go to arrange icons by and choose name to alphabetize them. I also have to do it with the different program folders as well.

    BUT I ONLY have to do this in PC-Dmis, when browisng thing in just Windows all is fine.

    XP-Pro SP2
    3.7 MR2
    CMM Programmer
    Jackson Michigan
    Mistral 7.7.5

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    I'm not sure, but it might be in the settings editor.

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      I'm having the same problem. Whenever I open a file, PCDMIS defaults to listing the folders. I prefer a detail type of listing because the newest file is always on top. I can also sort quicker by clicking on the different catagories. You can permanently change this in Windows but it doesn't change it in PCDMIS. Anybody know how to accomplish this?


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        When I open a program I use the view menu option at the top right of the open program menu
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          go to the following :

          1) my computer.

          2) C:\PCDMISW

          3) arrange incons by

          4) tools tab

          5) folder options

          6) views tab

          click apply to all folders


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            So do I, but it defaults to list. I want to have it default to detail


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              Try the following stated in the kb-article, had the same problem, worked for me!




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