X-axis chip rate error

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  • X-axis chip rate error

    I cant get rid of this error .... what can i do?

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    First thing that I would do is clean the scales.
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      still no luck... i rebooted both my CMM and the comp too.


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        Get it all the time when an encoder is going. It is intermitent at first and finnaly does not recover. Start cheap like William says and clean things, seeing as how that did not work though it looks like it is time to get yourself a new encoder. I keep an extra on hand. You may or may not need to tune your scale afterwords but I'd check it to be sure.

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          you think this is something i can replace myself or do i need to call b&s for it?


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            Depends. Do you know the codes to get into the controller through Hyperterminal? Depending on your controller you can h.ack into it and there is a utility in there for tuning the scales. Basically you adjust the amplitude in is all. In some cases changing the encoder is repeatable and requires little to no tuning. It all depends on your machine and controler. If you can't h.ack the controler then a resourceful maintenance guy could throw an osciliscope on it for you and you could tune it that way, again depends on the machine. I wouldn't call B&S unless you are under warantee or a maintenance program with them there are plenty of non OEM guys out there that do a nice job on CMMs. I never use B&S if I can help it. Call up other folks in your area with CMMs and get recomendations on a service guy. Where are you located?

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              An encoder is like a little "flashlight" that sees the marks on the scales. If cleaning doesn't rectify, replacement is the next alternative.

              Most machines have all 3 encoders the same, they aren't that expensive and handy to always keep a spare. I agree with Craig, that B&S isn't necessary, just a service tech that comes with a recommendation.

              I would not let ANYONE touch the amplitude settings through hyperterminal such as Craig mentioned, unless they are highly qualified.

              I have chnaged my encoder myself and was good to goo right off the bat, another time it needed adjustment and didn't hesitate to spend a couple bucks to have it optimized correctly, proceed with some caution.

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                thanks guys


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