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    pcdmis ver 3.7
    I am trying in the last couple days, to fix this problem, NO success,
    everything look fine , program .execute, but can not save rtf file in any drive,or file,
    IT person, opened a drive to save my reports,
    I go printing . for save file file to be send to that drive . part nae. rich text checked
    auto checked /check mark for saving report.
    I have done this 1000 times on my own computer and machine. with no problem.
    I am working write now on this computer and machine belong to somebody left the job.
    I can not figure out if I missed any thing.
    Please, let me know if I missed anything , somebody to explane to me , in step what is required to set up printing or saving pcdmis report in any place in the computer,

    Thank you in advance

    A Disho

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    Just a thought, are'nt your folder perhaps read only? To check open "Explorer" , right click on the folder then click "properties" and check the attributes setting. Also check with your IT guy/gal about your level of access on your network files/folders, sometimes the user is'nt allowed to write or copy files to a certain network drive/folder.

    Also see attached document on how to activate printing reports.
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