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  • Marked Sets .pdf/.rtf problem

    I am running 3.7 and new to PC Dmis. My problem is every time I set the correct file location for the .pdf or .rtf file in the edit window print setup and then create a new marked set the file location stays pointed at the same location that the pcdmis program files are saved. No matter what location I change it to the marked set defaults to the same location. Is there a place to change the default path for printing in marked sets. Please help.

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    No, I had to make individual folders and put the program there. It will place the .RTF whereever the program is. This only happens with mark sets.


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      good question

      I have also had the same trouble...

      I just manually move them to the proper folder the next morning when I come in.

      I don't think it is something that WE can change
      sigpiccall me "Plum Crazy"....but you only go around once!


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        Thanks for the help


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