Parallelism and True pos. Dimension

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  • Parallelism and True pos. Dimension

    Good morning everyone
    I have two questions about // and True pos.
    1. I have a machining part . Top surface is Datum D, the bottom is gear pocket. The print called out // 0.02 to Datum D. However, the Engineer needs to scan these surfaces. In orther to apply // , the second Datum must be a plane....... What is a good method to change theTOP scan to become plane DATUM D ?
    2. I did the program by Cad. I applied True pos. Cylinder of Suction port which laying in the compound Angle. Even drawing did not give me the specific X,Y,Z dictances. Normally, I got the nominal by using Cad.
    After I measure and apply. I look at Nominal and Actual in the Edit window have differance value from Dimension result. Anybody explain why happening like this.

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