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    Ok have 20 holes to measure and want to do paste with pattern. I understand how to do the paste with pattern and it works fine, but I want to make life easy for the ID of the feature measured as well as the dimensioning that goes with each series of holes.

    Each hole has @ 6 features and there are 3 dimensions we produce. I would like to paste the pattern so that the ID of the features as well as the dimensions would stay the same outside of the number hole it is on(i.e.H1...H2...)

    I tried several ways, but it seems to up the number in the ID of the last digit or digits. There must be a way, but it seems to no avail that the software just wants to increment everything!!!

    Well I await the source of feedback that always has an answer.....Thanks!!!!

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    I feel your pain...

    I know it is small consolation, but I have wished for the same ability more than once, and I have not found it. Sometimes I can set my ids up in such a way that it is easy to find/replace and/or delete the integer from the end that paste with pattern sticks on. I find it is still faster, (albeit a pain), to copy paste w/pattern and then straighten the labels. Maybe someone wiser than me will enlighten us both.
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      I've been doing this all the time,

      Select all the features and dimensions and then pattern it the number of times required and then paste with pattern.


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        Do you want it to paste with like ID's except indexed? I'm not sure if that is what you want but if that is the case, before you createa pattern set your feature and dimension ID defaults to what you want then do your paste with pattern. It should use your default and index it.

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          what we want is to have for ex:

          feat 1 ...
          feat 2...
          feat 3...
          feat 4...
          dim 1...
          dim 2...
          dim 3...

          that whole block I would like to have be the same numbering every time and the only number to change after all of them would be the hole# (i.e. feat 1 h1)
          but it also changes the feat # as well.....


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            just a thought.

            feat 1-1
            feat 1-2
            dim 1-1
            dim 1-2

            feat 2-1
            feat 2-2
            dim 2-1
            dim 2-2

            feat 3-1
            feat 3-2
            dim 3-1
            dim 3-2

            and so on...


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              Originally posted by gage guru
              what we want is to have for ex:

              feat 1 ...
              feat 2...
              feat 3...
              feat 4...
              dim 1...
              dim 2...
              dim 3...

              that whole block I would like to have be the same numbering every time and the only number to change after all of them would be the hole# (i.e. feat 1 h1)
              but it also changes the feat # as well.....
              I belive if you set your feature and dimension ID defaults it will pattern with what you set it at and index it with a number at the end. Did you try that? I'll go try it out and let you know but I'm sure it works.

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                OK I just tried it and it will pattern with your default settings. Hit F5, go to the ID Setup tab, choose by type, set your IDs however you want them. When you paste with pattern it will paste with your default naming convention indexed the way you set it up.

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                  If I understand right your problem is that when you paste with pattern you get something like:



                  This is assuming you said yes to default on feat4h1 and dim3h1. What I would do is copy and paste the same block of code 20 times (pain in the a$$) and change the h1 to h2, h3 ... manually. Go right before each block and create a referance that moves the pattern and say no to updating. Then delete the reference and say yes to updating. Or do the paste with pattern and update the names manually as you have. I have not found a way to index by two numbers in paste with pattern.
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                    Keep in mind that the usage of a - sign in your feature name convention can become troublesome if in that DMIS will look at that as a math problem. I always use an _ instead that way DMIS looks at it as a text object.

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                      I think you need to uncheck the option "Use Machine Default IDs" or something along those lines and then if you want a dimension to index along with a feature you should make the feature and then the dimension and include your dimension in with your copied parameters before using paste with pattern.

                      It will auto index both indentically.
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                      We tend to name our stuff on the first detail:


                      After pasting with a pattern, the next detail has hits named:


                      And the detail after that:


                      It causes me to make my point names 'backward' (normally, the first part of my name is the detail, THEN the point# : detail1_p1), but it increments the detail name properly.


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                        You can turn this on in your warning and name the different type of features what you want and it remembers in paste with pattern.
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