creating a part counter using assignments or?

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  • creating a part counter using assignments or?

    A long time ago someone posted how to create a counter for the sequence of parts being run. Can someone give me an idea on how to to this? I thought it was done with assignments, but it was quite a while ago on the other board. Anyone know this?

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    I assign a variable CNTR=1, then before I go to the second set of measurements I simply assign CNTR=CNTR+1. Simple but effective.
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      I'd do what J Temmen says but are you saving stats?
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        Do you run the sequence of parts by looping the program, or do you start the program fresh every time you have a new part?

        In the first case, an assignment works great. In the second, I create a text file in which I store the latest count. Every time I run the program, I open the text file, read the previous count, add 1 to it and store the new number in the text file. Very simple and works great. So if you want to know how many parts they have actually run, you just open the text file and it has all info.

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