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  • 3.7 MR3 Comparison to MR2

    Greetings All,

    I would like to ask some of you experienced PCDMIS users what your comparison of 3.7MR3 vs MR2 is. We are having issues with MR2 still and we were hoping that MR3 would help us solve some issues we've been having. Any Input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Gang!
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    We had problems with our machine getting lost on proven programs after we updated to MR2 and those problems went away after I updated it to MR3. What sort of issues are you having?


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      Originally posted by rerun_lives
      Greetings All,

      I would like to ask some of you experienced PCDMIS users what your comparison of 3.7MR3 vs MR2 is. We are having issues with MR2 still and we were hoping that MR3 would help us solve some issues we've been having. Any Input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Gang!

      ================================================== =====

      Version 3.7's MR3 contains these updates and problem report fixes:

      102222 Optimize DMIS Translator for Toyota Part Programs
      102223 Add new methods / command flags to allow ease of tracking missed/unexepected hits
      228846 Any effect pressing the buttons SETUP and PARAMS of Quick Start
      229027 Nominals mode not working
      229078 Autofeature: RMeas: CadSelection not allowed after RMeas Dlg OK
      229268 GM is not able to cut-and-paste without having both part programs open at the same time
      229465 While looping, the program measured side hole 1, 3, 5 and etc. (Keep skipping the interval 2, 4, 6 and etc,...).
      229630 'Scan Probe Compensation FAILED' error at the end of certain patch scans
      230387 Won't translate the geometric command
      231723 AutoVectorPt, AutoSurfacePt: 'Snap Point' not being remembered
      231910 SP600 probe on Arm2 is not enabled - probe crashes the sphere
      232043 AutoVectorPt: during learning with "Polar" selected, RAH values incorrect (online)
      232294 The tips it their probe files appears multiple times after executing the pp with the 'supervisor'
      232752 symmetrie only in workplane z
      232853 Multiple labels and features in the graphics window from one feature in the program.
      232959 Auto report use an AutoZoom
      232965 Last Execution Report Mode
      233001 Option -> UseTestPos need the administrator privilege
      233043 v3.7R & MR1,,,Graphics image does not get to the printer, but the labels look nice
      233255 Using Quick Starts to align with Romer Arm is calculating incorrect vectors
      233266 Wrong nominal values
      233315 new layouts problem with new function
      233316 AutoEdgePt: with shank probe wrong compensated
      233350 Profitech Interface
      233511 Comments and dimensions is the DMO file are sixes and seventh
      233610 RECALL/DA(CARCOR) gets resolved to different PC-DMIS commands
      233835 It appearss that the DMO wizard creates an incorrect output
      234085 unusable nominal values when I click wireframe slot
      234237 Tolerance in dimension is changing itself
      234271 True Position results wrong. Diameters for datum features reported incorrectly
      234316 3.7 MR2 Crashes on Patch Scan
      234422 Changing the feat type in the dialog gives new default label... bad when selected DES
      234566 Basic Circle scans fail when HSSDAT disabled
      234569 Part Program won't open
      234589 Opening a second PP on the Master PC it's not in offline mode but in CMM2 mode
      234633 Problem with different measurement results obtain from v35MR2 and v37MR1 and MR2
      234679 The diameter of cylinder in True Position callout is giving bogus numbers
      234691 PC-DMIS cannot run this part program (and others) for more than 2 hours...
      234746 Undo function after CUT is FUBAR
      234770 error with OD BasicCircle scans if init-vec is orthogonal
      234779 DCI - Cat V5 - pc-dmis will not open up a DCI created prog if DCI is not available.
      234784 Getting : Could not Create CAD error.
      234855 On-Error in AutoFeature dialog mis-behaving
      234915 Import from a DMI File switched to autofeatures circle with the currend values
      234938 AutoPlane: changing the Angle Vector does nothing
      235029 Unable to delete script, causes program to crash
      235100 The diameter of cylinder in True Position callout is giving the wrong nominal value when open a pp 3.5 MR2
      235359 AutoAnglePt: PC-DMIS crashes when trying to insert
      235467 Incorrect results in their DMO files
      235526 T-Deviation at -0.062 is incorrect - this is the wrong for ALL their T-Deviations
      235531 F9 on Probe command in the attached program takes 3 to 4 minutes
      235533 Midplane construction no longer works as it did in 3.5 MR2.
      235537 Alignment part program doesn't iterate as expected
      235540 Please add option to the ON-ERROR Function to search down the part program first instead of up.
      235569 FARO Interface no comping correctly on anything but the Z (alignemnt) workplane.
      235589 True position calculations are wrong in MMC and LMC
      235602 Circles not tip comped correctly in quickstart alignment procedure
      235604 Can nnot merge UG DCI files on import after deleting CAD elements
      235615 Edit window Blank after program execution. Can't close or quit.
      235718 Perpendicualrity & parallelism dimension not reporting OOT correct for feature size
      235823 Scale to Fit doesn't work correctly when using UG Assemblies & the PCDMIS Assebly button
      235869 This part program will not open in any version after 3.5 MR2...
      235887 The import of a chorus dmis file is wrong
      235929 After an emergency the wrist have to rotate to the current tip
      235992 PCDMIS crash executing partprogram
      236068 Setting the CAD to a solid wireframe, and then measuring an AUTOSLOT, freezes PCDMIS.
      236074 Multiple instances of the same feature in the DMO file is making this file unusable for the later import to AUDIBILD and Oracle
      236181 AutoEllipse: Stud - Machine Drives into interior (probe crash) due to poor circular moves
      236232 Basic scans not available with the PC-DMIS CAD w/DCC scanning option
      236493 Crash selecting features in True position dimmension window
      236496 Incomplete dimension display in edit window and hang when deleting it.
      236518 Changing the offset values for the translation alignment was shifting the offset twice
      236539 Faro Laser Tracker 4500 Interative Alignment Problem
      236569 Application Error appears, using a VB program to create a Feature Point.
      236574 When they change the tolerance in a dimension the label name of the tolerance remains
      236612 PCDMIS crash cancelling partprogram execution
      236629 Memory over write in UG DCI
      236630 Profile dimension not working for Vision features
      236677 Dmis Import for VWSA not converting probe orientations correctly.
      236721 Cad Distance To Target indicator often hidden for Vision
      236814 A lot of message boxes converting a measured scan to points
      236823 WaitUntilExecuted is throwing an exception in this Toyota Script file.
      236865 Fixed Distance Scan with Romer Arm
      236918 PCDMIS crash changing from command mode to DMIS mode in edit window
      236924 FUNCTION/HEM0 not importing properly from Toyota DMIS Script.
      236981 PCDMIS crash executing a feature with CNTRL-E and then cancelling execution.
      236992 AutoPlane: Pattern not serialized
      237026 Commands from previous run of a basic script execute even when basic script is no longer marked
      237030 When you copy a script that has all of its commands hidden and then paste, commands pasted in aren't marked as commands belonging to the basic script
      237051 Loding Report phase much longer and Graphics slower than previous versions
      237059 Bad pagination of PDF reports
      237109 The DMO file created with the EXTERNALCOMAND/DMIS_OUT.EXE is not in sync with the part program
      237129 need Catia5r16.dll added to v37r, v37, v40, and v41 install sets
      237136 Move Sync command is assigned only to the arm2
      237139 Alignment command on arm1 feature in the arm1 environment is partially assigned to arm2?
      237356 After executing Toyotas part programs with new changes, PC-DMIS crashes often after executing part.
      237404 pc-dmis CRASH after executing program and File / Close
      237440 Cannot import catia V5 R15 catpart.
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        In addition, there were a number of memory and Windows GDI object leaks that were rectified in V4.0, and some of these were rolled back into MR3 to help general stability.
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