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  • 3.7 MR3 machine error

    I down loaded 3.7 MR3. I started writing a new program to try it out. When I tried to run the porgram I got a error message that the machine was out of tolerance. I shut it down and rebooted the cmm. It worked that time. I wrote another program which I had the same error, but rebooting did not help. I went back to 3.7 MR2 and have had no problems. Is there a problem with 3.7 mr3?

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    Do you define your clearplane "if using one" before you go dcc?


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      Never had this happen. What machine do you have?
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        When this happens I would either guess clearplane or alignment issue. Mark the features that you want to see execute and hit view-path lines. This might give you a good idea what is happening.



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          What version did you upgrade from?

          did you update the interfac.dll file? (Maybe that happens automatically - I know the sheffields need a little manual tweaking during upgrades sometimes)
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            We have a B&S Status with a PH10MQ with a TP20.
            The error is telling me the machine is out of tolerance. I pulled in a program from 3.7 mr2 and it ran ok, with no errors. I usually turn on clearplane after I hit the DCC icon. Does that make a difference? The alignment is very simple one: plane, point, line. The surface of the plane is not level it varies in height. Will that make a diffence? I did the same alignment in MR2 with no problem.


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