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  • alignment

    hello everyone.

    i'm trying to make an alignment for a car frame.
    i have 2 datum holes at the front and 2 slots at
    the rear, 75.0 mm difference between the two.
    how can i create a plane and level to it.
    and what would be best to rotate to.

    thanks for the help !!!

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    I take it you have no fixture for this, if not it sounds like you need to do an Iteritave alignment on the frame. Do you have CAD, surface/wireframe data. ??
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      yes i have cad, no fixture. but i was looking at trying to
      align without iterative.


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        can you create an offset plane?


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          not really sure how to do it. i measured the front 2 holes, constructed
          a 3d cylinder and level to it. but does not work out.


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            A little more info would help. What version PcDmis are you using? You mention that 2 of the diameter are Datums. Are the slots datums also?Are the Diameters and slots in the same work plane? Are they symetrical? A picturewould be great. let us know.

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              Curioius about what you found out. The problem didn't sound to hard but has me intrigued.
              James Temmen

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