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  • True position issues

    Hi guys, nice new home.

    First of all, as usual, thanks to everyone that posts here, this is a great resource for users of the pcdmis software.

    I am having some troubles on tight tolerance holes passing true position tests. The problem is with a hole that measures via pin gage to be in tolerance, but I am showing it to be undersize and out of tolerance within the execution of my program. The question I have also will apply to a couple of features that I cannot feasibly get to with my probe to check so they will be checked manually with mic's etc.

    So, how do I do a true position callout in my report on a feature I have manually measured? I can report the location fine, but not the size. This is what I am looking to do. Manually add the size of the feature after have verified its location. Can I do this with a combination of keyed in dimension? ie, locations, and size, then use those keyed in features to do a true position callout?

    Second of all, I have read here that there are different ways the hits can be interpreted, I can't find the thread again and I can't find it in the help files in the software either. The jist of the comment was that there are like four ways to interpret the hits and create a circle from them. Could a different method give me more accurate results and how do I find out which method I am using?

    I am running a B&S 7-10-7 with, I believe MR3 version, have to check on that tomorrow. PH10T wrist, TP200 module, 60mm ext and 3 by 40 stylus. All of the length is required to reach the feature

    I have been at this for about a year now and am having pretty good success considering that my only training has been via the books and these forums.

    Thank you
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    B & S 7-10-7
    pcdmis cad++ 3.25mr3

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    Good evening,
    Try this link
    The use of these algorithms is determined within your auto-circle pull down menu.

    Keep in mind that for an auto-circle measured hole you have the choice of...

    1.) Find Hole (three hits to determine where the hole is; with a hunt and peck feature that will search for the hole until it finds it, and then retargets and meaures the hole).

    2.)Remeasure (measures the hole with the user defined amount of hits; and then retargets to those coordinates and measures again).

    3.) Using initial and permanent sample hits.

    As far as the other question...

    What you can do is insert an input comment, and from that then do an assignment. Example...

    C1 = Input/comment; "What is the the manually measured Dia. of H1?"

    ASSIGN/V1 = C1.Input








    James Mannes


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      Hi James, I gave that a try with limited success. I got the variable assigned, and the program prompts me for the measured value, but when I go to dimension the location of the feature, the dimension I input does not show up for the feature.

      Thank you for the link to that thread also, that is the one I am talking about. Now, how do I go about changing the methodology by which pcdmis creates my circles from the hits? I looked in the menu for the circle auto feature and didn't see anything

      Again, thanks for the help
      If clutter is a sign of genius, I must be qualified to teach guys like Einstein and other smarty pantses

      B & S 7-10-7
      pcdmis cad++ 3.25mr3


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        Jame's method should have worked, did you have it in full report mode when viewing it.


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          What size holes are you measuring and what is your hole tolerance?


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            max inscribed, least squared, etc.

            To choose the method Pc-Dmis uses to calculate the circle from the actual hits, you need to click on the "advanced" button in the bottom left corner of the auto circle window. You will find the options in the pull down window just under the work "misc". HTH
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