Datapage error list? is there one

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  • Datapage error list? is there one

    I would like to obtain a list of error codes generated by Datapage. Anyone got one?

    One error i've seen is -8 or -16 I don't have a clue what that means but it wont open the database either way.
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    'Datapage errors' is yet another murky puddle I step in.

    However, the error number is used by the programmers. It is irrellevant to your task.

    Databases are nothing but a logical, sequential file cabinet. Requirements must be met within the realm of our software to operate them:

    -Database must exist
    - datapage editor is used to MAKE the database in an existing folder.
    -Database must be UNLOCKED
    - If for some reason your database receives an errant command, i.e. computer coughs while sending data, it will lock & must be unlocked with the editor. BE CAREFUL!! It has a warning screen! If there is something else shown open, and you unlock it, will fry your database.

    Additionally, Xstats11.tmp in your PC-Dmis folder will retain errors until data is sent. If you send a bad one, then a good one,...yes, the good one sends, but also stays with the .tmp file till the .tmp file is deleted. So, if your have a bad data send, delete the XSTATS11.tmp file.

    email if you still need help.
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