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    Now that we have auto planes and lines, can they be used for iterative alignments? My guess is they cannot. That we still need to use the features to level, two to rotate and one for origin. If we can use them for iterative alignments - Would they be treated as points, where PC-DMIS will want to remeasure them, would the point target tol. be applied to them? Anyone?

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    I do not use them . . .

    I don't believe they can be used for iterative alignments. I used the autoplane and autoline features when 3.7 first came out after the iterative alignment. They seemed like neat little features that should have already been in the previous versions. I forget exactly why I stopped using them but I remember people on here suggesting to not use them . . .
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      I've been trying them out and I didn't really get the feeling that they worked to well. They're kind of a pain in the *** to set up properly. I have almost given up on using them. I just don't think that you gain anything from it.


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        The only place I've had good luck with auto planes is around SPC bushing heads. You pick up the plane as though you were picking up a circle out of the CAD and the plane hits the bushing heads perfectly every time. I haven't tried them anywhere else.



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