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  • Report window keeps popping up

    Does anyone know how to keep the report window from popping up? I am writing a Program in 4.0 and I am at the bottom of the program with my "latest" feature. I execute this single feature and the report window pops up and covers my Graphics display window every time which is annoying because I'm using a CAD file and need to view it as I'm programming. I go to do a new feature and I have to close the report window every time I want to put in a new feature. When I execute the new feature it Pops right back up. How can I keep the Report window from coming up until I need it.
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    1) Un-install v4.0

    2) Install a version that 'works'.

    Sorry, had to do that....
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      Version 3.7 mr3 and lov'in it!

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        Set your report window smaller than maximized, grab the edge of it and squeeze it to the left and leave it there. Certer your Graphics window in the other 80% and keep going. Just leave it up but make it smaller than the graphics window.



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          turn it off

          You can choose to display (or not display) any of the (report, edit, CAD) windows during execution. When it starts to execute, just go to View on the menu and toggle ReportWindow to off. When you need it, just toggle it back to ON.


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            There was a bug that made the report window to keep redisplaying. I believe it was/is corrected in V41.


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