Diameter at the end of a radius?

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  • Diameter at the end of a radius?

    Help, I have a part that is about 3.5" long (round) with an I.D of 1.5" in diameter. On one end of the I.D. there is a radius of 1.5", there is a diameter called out at the top of the radius. Any suggestions?

    This is what I tried, and did not work - est a plane on top of the part, took as many hits on the radius as possible, then constructed a point at the intersect. Tried doing this in three places and then constructing a circle from the three points. Didn't work, am I going about this with the right approach or is there a better way?

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    I love how creative engineers can be some times.

    If I were checking it I'd check the radius at, let's say, eight locations (45 degree spacing) using perhaps an 8-point O.D.. Keep an eye on the form deviation of each radius just to be comfortable with what comes next.

    Orbit the 1.5" bore.

    Take those eight measured circles and construct a diameter through their centerlines, in essence, define the locus of the radius.

    Is that the diameter you speak of ? I just did this same thing (again) on a part a last week.


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      Use an optical comparator...


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        I assumed it was a radius at the 1.5 I.D.

        If it's on the outside, a comparator would be what I'd use.


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          It is an inside radius in the ID


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            Then, like I said.


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