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  • Probe star calibration

    I have a question about probe star calibration

    When I made calibration of star probe everithing going fine; but when i going to check other probe on calibration sfere i recive X axis = 0 but y axis = 0,140 out.

    Where I made a mistake ???

    My system B&S Mistral with Leitz controler PH10M and TP200 with tool changer and PCDMIS ver. 3.5 MR2.

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    When you measure your calibration sphere are you translating your (xyz alignment) origin to the measured sphere , recalling the new tip and then measuring the sphere with that tip. I believe this is what you are asking or is there something else that I do not understand?

    Windows 7
    Pc-Dmis 2015
    Global Performance 7-10-7


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      Try this. I got it off here some time ago. I hope it helps.
      Last edited by B. Jacobs; 04-02-2008, 08:24 AM.
      B. Jacobs
      B&S Global 12.15.10


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        Yes this is the problem. Becouse if I have 0,14 of mistake when I mesure the mistake remain.


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