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  • Install/settings issues

    Hi Again

    I am in big trouble here, I need all of your expert opinions

    PC Specs

    Windows XP Service Pack 1
    Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz
    2 GB ram
    256 mg graphics card-worked fine on old PC
    PCDMIS 3.7 MR2

    Here is the deal:

    I got a new PC. I have performed the proper install, not just copied from old hard drive to new one.

    I have no probe files
    I can not get a solid view of my CAD files
    I have checked all settings for the graphics card, resolution etc. is good
    Cannot calibrate tips, A 0/B 0 is good, then when I try to calibrate others, probe wanders off far away from sphere.

    I could go on and on, but these are my biggest worries. I am so far behind, I think I have won the race at this point

    Please, I need help. Our wonderful tech support is to busy to respond, apparently, so it falls to all of you experts out there to help me.

    Matthew, where are you!

    I am pulling my hair out grrr...

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    I'm no Matt, but I would first reinstall from the Wilcox Site.
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      1) I remember that they just 'copied' the old hard drive to the new computer. Did you re-install into the same directory (or a copy of it)?

      2) Is your port lock functioning properly? Is it plugged in tightly?

      I just can't think of anything else. I have migrated hard drives twice and never had any problems. I followed these steps:

      1) Set up new PC with all the 'other' programs (no Pcdmis)
      2) Put old hard drive into new computer
      3) Copy the 'current' PCDMIS directory from the old hard drive to the new hard drive TWICE (re-name the second copy)
      4) Copy any other directories used by Pcdmis, probe directories, program directories, other system directories (for comp file, etc.)
      5) Re-install Pcdmis (same version) into the copied directory on the new hard drive.

      This is hopw I have done it in the past, twice, and I have not had any problems with it. HOWEVER, that was with PRE V3.5 Pcdmis.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        "I have no probe files"

        Go EditĀ»PreferencesĀ»Set Search Path...

        Select Default Probe Directory and locate the folder where your previous probe file was, make sure you click 'Apply' to accept this.

        "I can not get a solid view of my CAD files"

        3 things...

        1) you're sure they're surface models?
        2) on the 'view setup' check 'solid'
        3) is 'draw surfaces' (on graphic window toolbar) clicked

        "Cannot calibrate tips, A 0/B 0 is good, then when I try to calibrate others, probe wanders off far away from sphere."

        this one's odd... are you 100% you've got the right probe setup defined? i.e. you don't have a PH10MQ head selected instead of a PH10T or somthing similar?

        Have you re-taught the location of the reference sphere? Is the reference sphere defined properly?
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          Did you save your old Probe files? They will need to be moved over to your PCDMIS directory of the new PC. You may not be finding the articaft due to the qualification spere not being set up as this is a new PC (I might be streatching on that one). But there are things that need to be saved and moved over other than just part programs.

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            Okay, here is an update

            I now have all of my probe files, thanks, Ninja...
            I am at least able to run my existing programs, at least the ones I have opened

            However, still having issues with CAD. All models are NOT solid, they were before...Also, when I try to select a certain feature, and make it larger for viewing, as soon as I go to select the feature with my mouse, everything freezes. Ctrl+Alt+Del does not let me go into the task bar to end the program, and the mouse is completely froze. If I coulds take a print screen shot, and send it, I would, but I can't even do that.

            Thanks fo tour input so far, at least now I can measure my parts from existing programs, I just can't manipulate CAD...



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              graphics problem

              Sounds like graphics are you problem. Maybe coincedentally your card failed at the same time it was installed in the new pc. (Don't laugh, such things can happen, a guy I work with just went and got his vehicle saftey inspection AND registration renewed, (at the courthouse), and was back to work in LESS than 1 hour!) Maybe your IT department did not configure or connect something properly. I am not into the geekier graphics stuff, but from what you report for whatever reason your machine is locking up when asked to do a bit of not so heavy graphics lifting. HTH

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                Some of the newer graphics cards take TWO power connections.


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                  Didn't you say you put the old graphics card in the new computer? If so, get a new graphics card Wilcox knows is compatible with whatever version of PCMDIS you are running
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                    It sounds like more of a settings issue. Fix all your settings, I don't think it's the computer.
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