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  • Sample Hits, please explain

    Can you please explain the "hits" column, I have a part sitting on the table with a 1.5 dia circle facing the +Y direction, the "top" of the circle is at the face of my Y origin, so I am tryin to go .5 deep in the -Y, but the probe keeps crashing right outside my circle

    Hole checks at 1.5000

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    You have Clear plane enabled in the dialog, but I can't see the program well enough to see how the Clear plane is defined.

    Is you Clearplane set to Y+?

    What is your Clear plane value?


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      The sample hits are to 'find' the surface a hole is located in. Say you want to measure a 1 inch hole .5 inch deep in the hole. Now say the surface the hole is in is not at the nominal location. The sample hits take hits around the hole 'initial' and 'perm' controls the number of hits and 'spacer' controls how much is added to the radius to get you outside of any chamfer, etc.

      So, with 3 sample hits and a spacer of .1 it will hit the surface 3 times at a radius of .6 (.5+.1) from the nominal center of the hole and then proceed to measure the hole .5 inch down from where the sample hits occured. So, even if the surface is .1 high, it will still only measure .5 deep. If the surface is .1 low, it will still measure .5 deep.

      I'm not sure sample hits are your problem. Try changing the 'spacer' in your window to 0 and see what happens. I don't think it should matter since 'initial' and 'perm' are both zero.

      P.S. if I didn't do a good job of explaining, try putting your cursor in one of the fields and hitting F1 (help) it might give a better explanation.
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        Another issue might be the negative depth. Ususally you want to express depth as a positive number and PC-DMIS will move down into a hole or up on a stud. Negative depth values will reverse this and it will measure the feature in ways that you might not expect.
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