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    I had Graphics display wnd & Edit window both in one screen on pc monitor,but now only on of these two comes on screen although when I go to view I see both ( Graphics Display wind. & Edit Widow are CHECKED).
    How can I get them back to one screen, with out going back& forth to view these two window,
    I know I have clocked on somehting but I dont remember!
    Need your help.

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    Close down and restart PCDMIS
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      Goto the window menu and click "Tile horizontally" or vertically whatever you prefer. The Graphics wiindow might be minimized or hidden behind the edit window.
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        hi all, pc-dmis often plays around with your windows layouts...

        i highly recomend that when you have a layout you like you save it.

        save a copy of the gbarstate.dat file (this will be in the c:\pcdmis\your_username folder), if it ever goes wrong copy this saved file back into that directory and replace the one that's there.

        this will restore you good layout.

        hope this makes sense?
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          Like underspec said, go into the drop down menu, and pick one.
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