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  • Dual Arm Issues

    PC-Dmis 3.7 MR3

    Has any one had an issue when calibrating, that a second execute window comes up that says:

    'Arm 2 Execute Mode Options'

    This probably wouldn't be out of the norm for some people, but the machine I am working on is a single horizontal arm machine.

    And I cannot close this window.
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    Yeah, I get it too. It started in 3.5, they fixed it, but now it came back in 3.7, I think its' a phantom wish of the CMM, it wants its' second arm back.

    James Mannes


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      3.7 MR2

      I have this same issue
      called Tech support...."they are working on it"
      been 3-4 months since I called on it

      I found that when that second arm popup window is open.....PC-DMIS is about to "close" on its own, so now I save and close out and restart PC-DMIS before losing anything

      good luck

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        bit of advice here...

        i wouldn't normally upgrade to a new relase version unless there's somthing in there to correct a specific problem you have, i.e. don't just go for the latest release because it's there, only do it if you need to do it!
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