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    Hi All

    I recently got a new computer, pretty nice. My problem now is that whenever I use the mouse, to enlarge a feature/area on a CAD model, the whole thing freezes up. Not the CMM, but the computer itself. No response from the mouse, Ctr+Alt+Delete will not shut the thing down. Even the radio station I am listening to quits. Help!

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    Check with B&S on recommended graphics card for your version. You will also be best off with at least 1GB of RAM. I convinced the bosses here to get a 2nd PC for me to do other work on and the original only runs the CMM.
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      graphics woes

      1. What version of PC-Dmis are you running
      2. Is the Open GL setting enabled on your graphics card?


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        I would imagine like the others are getting at that you are overwelming your computer. Depending on the model size and everything else running in the background like a music station on msn or whatever. It is too much, new machine or not. Keep it basic with just the program running and see what happens. If it still happens put another post out there.


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          When you hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, do you go into Task Manager, Applications and see if it says what is not responding? Also, go into Performance and see how much of your CPU usage is being ate up. What kind of specifics are there for this new computer? What version of PCDMIS are you using? Let us know more please so that we may help you!


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            Also updating the driver for your graphics card might be a solution!


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              Hi Again

              I know I am a moron, but I am in real trouble here

              New computer has 2 Gb of Ram, and 3 Gh processer. Video card is 256 mg, came from old PC. When IT hooked up the new PC, they just transferred all of the stuff from my old hard drive and desktop tothe new one. Is this OK? What else do we need to do. I have verified all of the previous suggestions. If my SMA has expired, can I reinstall my version of PCDMIS (3.7 MR2) without getting a new SMA. I need help fast, getting WAY behind. Thanks!!



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                Tammie, I would suggest turning down your video resolution. Click the desktop and goto properties then into your display settings. Change it to 16bit if it's not already and a lower resolution. 800x600 seems to work ok.

                I say this because it freezes only when you try to manipulate the CAD file. So I'm almost positive it's a video card issue / memory. Up your virtual memory as well to help.
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